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Best CBD Vapor on the Market

How can we make this claim you may ask?  We use only the best ingredients on the market.  We offer the highest available amount of PURE CBD, and our product is the best tasting on the market.  Try for yourself and experience PURE RELIEF.

Love yourself.

Under FDA guidlines we can not say that CBD cures or treats any diseases, or say that there are any benefits from using CBD products.  

What we can say at PURE RELIEF and GLobal CBD is that we all feel the benefits and the well being that our CBD products bring us the moment we take the product and over time.  

Since we can't say heal we will say LOVE.  We want you to experience the LOVE too.  Feel the LOVE that our customers share with us, Try pure CBD and LOVE YOURSELF too!



Our tinctures; Vitality and Relaxation are our most popular products.  Vitality is used for morning focus and a boost to the day.  The Relaxation blend is for getting ready for a good nights sleep.   Taken daily together our clients express some great testimonials.  Try for yourself.

3rd Party Testing

All of our products are third party tested from the raw CBD, to the final products we share with our clients. This gives you peace of mind that you are getting what we say.  Email us for test results.
Why pay for 5%, 10%, or 20% CBD products when you can get the best value of 99% PURE CBD?